Worthington honors the traditions of its past, while it celebrates the progressive and vibrant community it is today.

In 1803, a group of families in Connecticut and Massachusetts made a plan for their dream town before they headed west. This plan included things they valued most – church, school and library at the center of town, as well as a “Publick Square” that would remain as a green. Now, barely over 200 years later, the city of Worthington still retains that classic design. Many homes and buildings of the period still stand and are in sue, inviting visitors to reflect on our architectural history and heritage.

Because Worthington honors its past, the Worthington Historical Society maintains many historic attractions that are unique only to Worthington and available to visitors. They include an historic residence built in 1811 with authentic furnishings, a home for the historical society featuring a doll museum and a prehistoric mound.